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David Frank

Hey everyone! Welcome to Frankly Shamanic and to our first blog post! Frankly Shamanic is based here in Melbourne, Australia and is run by father and son team David and Bernard Frank.

David is a client-centred counsellor and spiritual hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience; and is co-author of internationally acclaimed book “Hypnosis and Counselling in the treatment of Cancer and other Chronic illness.” David combines self-hypnosis with meditation to help people bring about healing and enlightenment.

Bernard Frank

Bernard has been a practicing shamanic healer since 2011; Bernard’s shamanic healing is based primarily on the shamanic beliefs and practices of ancient Northern Europe, particularly those of pre-Christian Scandinavia. Bernard has also studied and integrated other subjects and philosophies into his practice too, such as the Runes, Tarot, Mesmerism and Meditation.

All our courses run here are written by the two of us exclusively for Frankly Shamanic.

The emphasis for all our courses is on, ‘experiencing soul’ they are not about ideas, beliefs or complicated theories, but actual experiences that enable people to be more connected to their soul. In this way people can interact, experience and be guided by their soul gaining a deeper understanding of who they really are.

This leads to an improved sense of personal power, self-respect, confidence and emotional wellbeing; and enables participants to have experiences of being in harmony and oneness with oneself and the universe.

David with his friend Bernard Moony co-authored their book entitled, “Hypnosis & Counselling in the Treatment of Cancer and other Chronic Illness.”

This book demonstrates with medical case histories how people who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer had been successfully treated with hypnosis and been alive many years later. Even some children had treated themselves with self-hypnosis.

Although the emphasis of this book is on the successful treatment of people with terminal cancer the underline message of the book is that anything is possible if one deems it such and is able to utilise their full potential. Below is a case history taken from his book:

"Susan Seliger in her book Stop Killing Yourself recounts the tale of a ten-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumour. After radiation treatment which did not halt the growth of the tumour. He was thought to be dying. At the Menninger Clinic he was taught to use his imagination and see himself as an air force ace who attacks the planetoid (tumour) with torpedoes, each night. Eight months later, two months beyond his expected life-span, improvements in his motor control were observed. Then one night, as he searched for his target he could not find it. He told his father. “There are only some funny white spots where the planetoid is supposed to be”. A CAT scan revealed a cluster of bony white chips, a little calcium deposit."

At Frankly Shamanic we are passionate about working with people who seriously want to change their life and are seeking experiences that will facilitate this process so that they can find personal happiness and a meaningful life purpose. Our aim is to guide them to levels of self-empowerment beyond what they previously considered possible. This is the purpose of our five stage plan and diploma course.

Although at the moment our courses and healings are only available in Melbourne, fear not because we hope to soon make them available online, and hold classes via video conferencing in the very near future.

Until then don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and other social media pages, or subscribe to our mailing list on our contact page for all our latest course updates and events.

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