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Shamanic Healing

At the heart of Shamanic healing is the concept that all illnesses and ailments are only physical manifestations of issues that have spiritual origins.  Therefore the only way to heal the body is by first healing the soul.  This happens in many ways, often by the shaman communicating and interacting with the spirit world in an altered state of consciousness.


Of primary importance in shamanic healing is the concept of soul loss.  One of the most common causes of soul loss is through trauma.  The shamanic healers’ job then is to find the missing soul pieces and make the person whole again.  When this happens, some of the benefits that have been experienced by many people include feelings such as, a sense of wholeness and strength; self acceptance; increased confidence; increased assertiveness, and much more.  Successful soul retrieval is a rebirth and the beginning of a new spiritual or healing journey. 


The Process


Bernard’s shamanic healing is based primarily on the ancient shamanic beliefs and practices of ancient Europe. Bernard acts as a conduit. First he connects you to your power animal. The power animal is a powerful guardian spirit that walks beside us on our journey; it protects us, empowers us, provides guidance and maintains health and well-being.  It is not only your guardian spirit, but also an aspect of your own soul; it is where your inner power lays. 


Bernard then utilizes the power of the runes.  The runes are letters of an ancient European mystical alphabet, a holy concept that hold ancient secrets. They are a living energy with consciousness and awareness and act like a telephone line connecting you to a deity. The deity will guide Bernard as to what part of the soul needs healing.


This process helps people to re-discover their soul and its power and embody it themselves. Helping to heal and realign a person back onto their soul’s journey, bringing strength, health, and wholeness.


A Brief History of Shamanism


Although the term “Shaman” derives from the Siberian word “Saman”, Shamanism is truly a global phenomenon that is estimated to have its origins around about 40,000 years ago.  It is the world’s oldest form of spiritual practice and it is the well from which all of human culture, music, art and spirituality have sprung. 


The shaman has many roles in traditional societies such as story teller, priest and oracle.  However his primary role above all was as a healer usually selected by the spirit world to act as an intermediary between themselves and humanity; to bring healing and knowledge to their community and to help keep the balance between man and nature.



Bernard Frank


Bernard Frank is a certified Shamanic healer with a Diploma in Shamanic Practice.  Bernard has also integrated a variety of other subjects and philosophies into his practice too such as Northern European Shamanism, Runes, Tarot, and Meditation.  


To learn more about Bernard click here!

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