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Shamanic Practitioner
IICT Recognised

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The emphasis of our course is on personal experience and highlights that the true nature of spirituality is a unique and individual experience between the person and the universe.  Therefore, the workshops are non-competitive and non-judgemental as no two persons' experience can be compared.  Thus this diploma is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced practitioners.


We recommend that people who are considering studying with us read our spiritual philosophy page as these values are the foundation for all our courses.


In short our Spiritual philosophy is based on the concept that our ancestors, spirit guides and deities will help us when they perceive that we are striving to achieve our full potential and personal enlightenment. We define enlightenment as:


A shift in consciousness, where truth is discovered through personal experience, which is beyond all concepts and beliefs. This results in the recognition of fundamental oneness with all of existence and that your true nature is whole, unbounded and everlasting.  For this to occur we consider that six soul needs are necessary (see our spiritual philosophy page):


  • Honour                    

  • Courage

  • Hospitality

  • Empathy

  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance

  • Authenticity



Aims and Objectives


  • To explore the six Soul Needs and how they impact our lives.


  • To improve the student's experience of personal power and self-respect, leading to improved confidence and emotional wellbeing. We consider this essential for spiritual development.


  • To facilitate participants to have personal experiences of connecting with ancestors, spirit guides, deities, angels and the spirits that reside in all things.  The purpose is one of healing, guidance, experience, self-empowerment and wisdom.


  • To enable participants to have experiences of being in harmony and oneness with the universe.


  • To enable students to experience journeying to different dimensions.


  • To facilitate students in enhancing their psychic abilities.



Course Outline


This may vary according to the needs of the group.


Each module runs for 3 hours one day a week for several weeks.  This includes a 30-minute tea break.  The tea break is an important part of the course.  It allows for social interaction between participants and gives students the opportunity to talk informally to the facilitator.


These courses are designed to be facilitated rather than taught.  Therefore, class discussion is given priority and sufficient time allowed for this activity. 


The course follows the outline below:


  • Topic for discussion

  • Practical exercises and Mesmer-mediation

  • Feedback on practical work



Assessment Criteria:


  1. Only two classes per module can be missed for a module completion certificate to be awarded.

  2. All Modules must be completed for the diploma to be awarded.

  3. A personal journal must be completed for each module.

  4. Students must demonstrate an understanding of the soul needs and their implementation into classes.    


Missed sessions can be completed in individual sessions at a negotiated cost.



Module One - Shamanic Soul-Empowerment


Duration:  10 Weeks evening class


In this module we discuss how we can become stronger at every level of self: emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual by:


  • Examining how we see ourself.

  • Considering the six soul needs

  • Interacting, experiencing and being guided by our soul.


This course is in two parts; the first part is theory; the second part is practical, which includes drumming and meditation for meeting your soul.  The soul is a part of who we are, whether we are aware of it or not.  Therefore we can only receive the gifts our soul wants to give us once we have connected to it and become one with it.


We consider that with greater personal empowerment and a more meaningful connection with our soul, not only can we utilise talents and wisdom, but more importantly we gain a deeper understanding of who we really are and the soul's purpose in this life.


For this purpose we include weekly meditations aimed at guiding participants to connect and experience their soul.  All we ask is that you trust your own experience.

For more info about this course click here

Modules Two, Three and Four - The Runes


Duration:  8 weeks per module total 24 weeks.


No-one knows exactly how old the runes are.  Rune-like symbols appear as cave markings as early as the late Bronze Age (circa 1300 BC). They have been used as an alphabet but their uses in ritual and as an Oracle for consultation certainly pre-date their use as a system of writing.


The word "rune" itself comes from the Old Norse word "rún" meaning a secret or mystery, and it seems likely that shamans were considered to have some magic or mystic power in their understanding of the runes.


The runes are an oracle.  Each rune connects like a telephone line to a deity.  Some runes have several deities linked to them.   During meditation participants will be connected to the deity via the rune. The deities encourage and give people strength to face their challenges so that they can recognise their true nature and achieve their full potential. 


For this purpose the runes are divided into three sets of eight runes known as Aetts.

For more info about the runes course click here

Freya, in Norse mythology is the goddess of love, beauty, war, wisdom and fertility, the most beautiful of the goddesses, although, she also has a warrior side and is not to be messed with. Freya was second in rank only to Frigg, Odin's wife.  She was also the goddess of a form of magic, called seidr, which she taught to Odin.


It is not surprising then that the first set of eight belong to her.  She has the softer feminine energy but also her warrior side. Therefore, her runes gently build up your inner strength, self esteem and confidence while offering you her protection. This prepares you for the second set of runes, Heimdall’s Aett.

The Goddess Freya
Module Two - Freya's Aett
Runes Freya's Aett Diploma of Shamanism Melbourne
Module Three - Heimdall's Aett
Runes Heimdall's Aett  Diploma of Shamanism Melbourne
Runes Heimdalls's Aett

Heimdall is the watchman of the gods and guards Bifrost, the only entrance to Asgard, the realm of the gods. It is Heimdall's duty to prevent the giants from forcing their way into Asgard. He requires less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles around him, by night as well as by day.  His hearing is so acute that no sound escapes him, it is said that he can even hear the sound of the grass growing.


We are challenged to expand our thinking and awareness beyond our beliefs, denial and judgements. To be honest and authentic with ourselves, to rely on our own experiences and to recognise that we are much more than we think we are, so that we can become our full potential and face our destiny.

The God Heimdall
Module Four - Tyr's Aett
Runes Tyr's Aett  Diploma of Shamanism Melbourne

Tyr is the god of war and courage, and the lawgiver of the gods. He sacrifices his hand so that the evil giant wolf Fenrir can be bound. He is concerned in all matters of courage, justice, fair play, and right action and represents victory, protection and cosmic justice (Dharma).


Considering that Tyr is the god of courage and Dharma, it is safe to assume that his set of eight will guide us to balance and harmony, profoundly, within ourselves, nature and the universe. They will challenge us to go deeper into our courage, to accept, learn and forgive our mistakes, so that we can work through our karma and be at peace and one with the universe. 

The God Tyr
Module Five - Transcendence and the Soul-Needs 


Duration:  10 Weeks


Empathy is the only soul need that requires practical skill that needs to be taught directly. The ability to demonstrate empathy to another person is more difficult than one might think.  The art is not just feeling what the other person feels but being able to prove to that person that you have heard and understood their feelings.  Therefore, the practical exercises in this module will be on empathy.


Empathy:  Being able to feel what another person is feeling, to be able to tread in another’s shoes, to experience what some one else may be experiencing, to be able to communicate this to another person so that they can perceive it.


The other five soul needs are explored in this module through group discussion and personal evaluation.

Module Six - Shamanic Journeying


Duration:  10 Weeks


In this module we continue our discussion on shamanism and learn how to utilise meditation and our connection to our power animal in order to journey.   Shamanic journeying is performed in an altered state of consciousness usually stimulated by rhythmic movement or repetitive sound, most often steady and sustained drumming. 


Journeying is a vital tool used by shamans to travel to other realms to communicate with, and learn from deities, power animals and other beings to find spiritual knowledge, guidance and healing for their community.   In this module we develop our connection to our power animals to help guide us on these shamanic journeys. 

In Norse Mythology, there are nine realms, said to be held together by a great cosmic ash tree at the center of the universe known as Yggdrasil.  This tree was used by the king of the Norse gods and shaman Odin, to travel to these realms. 

For more info about this course click here


Module Seven - Shamanic Plant Journeying


Duration: 10 weeks

Around the world for thousands of years, shamans have connected to the spirits of plants for healing and protection.  They recognised that these spirits were friends, teachers, guardians and much more.

The plant spirits can heal, protect and help us evolve spiritually, and even enhance our connection to the spirit guides, gods and angels. This can have the most profound life changing effects on our heart and soul.

In this workshop we connect and communicate with the plant spirits using a combination of meditation and shamanic drumming. A different plant will be used every week. Some plants have been associated through the ages with angels and divinity, granting wishes, protection, divination, dreaming, cleansing, healing etc.

This has the power to enhance the mind and transport us to higher spiritual realms enabling participants to reap profound rewards.

For more info about this course click here

Start Date:  Friday 19th May 2023

Time:  Weekly, 7pm - 10pm

Venue:  Online via Zoom 

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269


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