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"I rave about David & Bernard - Frankly Shamanic, if you get a chance you have to give it a go, especially if you want to find yourself, meet your guides and spirit animals, learn about runes and experience what they can do for you, get to know your soul, find your purpose and so much more.

The workshops are fun and relaxed and it doesn't matter if you are a newbie or not, we are held in a safe space where we are all equal and the support is unsurpassed. After completing the 10w Introduction to Shamanism Certificate, which I fell in love with and went straight on to do the Diploma of Shamanism (With many workshops in between)

I have come a long way since I first started with Frankly Shamanic just 10 months ago but right from the time I met David & Bernard I knew this was where I was meant to be."


"I would love to share with everyone how much I enjoyed the Shamanic Soul Empowerment 10 week course with David & Bernard, a safe & sacred environment with like minded people. Profound experience of communication within ones Soul. Thank you & blessings"


"I would strongly recommend Frankly Shamanic's workshops to anyone, no matter what stage they are at in their spiritual journey. The approach taken by David and Bernard shows no boundaries and allows people at any level of development to experience amazing connections with the universe. Their teaching method guided each individual to make their own discoveries in a safe supported space. I admire their ability to explain what each individual is experiencing without forcing a view on them, allowing for self development and learning. They provide tools that can be taken and continually used with ease. I am excited to keep working with these men in 2020"


"I have been seeing David & Bernard for nearly 2 years and their knowledge and ability to support my own spiritual journey has been essential in reconnecting with my own innate gifts as a healer and to take the journey within. At times that journey had been tough, but David's experience as a gifted counsellor had given me insights and i was able to have the resolve to push through"


"These guys are awesome. I am now coming to realise who I am and how amazing the universe is with their help. I have never felt more connected to my own soul as well as the world around us, both seen and unseen. What a journey I have been on, I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to experience new parts of themselves and discover the beauty that surrounds them."


"I attended David's workshop. I was initially skeptical yet open to trying it, unsure of what I might find.  What I found was a potentially life changing practice. I don't think I have felt as relaxed as I did during that workshop for years and I am a yoga teacher!  I have used the techniques David shared with us daily since, and I find the benefits are continual. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering this form of healing for themselves."



"An extremely useful tool for self healing & a more profound understanding of the root causes of issues affecting myself."



"This course has been a huge benefit to my life in personal understanding and bringing clarity and healing."



"I could feel the energy of the crystals and the angels, I felt the energy moved me and I felt tingling sensation and goose pimples. I knew when my angels were near me.  David is fabulous."



"I realised parts of myself that I was unaware of, once I recognise these I can stop them controlling my life in a negative way."



"I can vouch for David’s workshops as I have done two weekend courses. For me, I got a connection to myself on a new and understanding level of finding self love and being able to see the correlations of the conscious and unconsciousness and how they work collectively. Since the workshops, I feel a profound clarity of my worth and connection to my path. As most of you know, I’m like a tester for trying new alternate things but this workshop is ultimately the one I would highly suggest you doing."


"I am relaxed with David it doesn’t take long to start feeling the benefits. I feel lighter when the crystal touch me and see colour on occasions. The crystals affect me differently at each healing."



"David has a soothing voice the deepness of the meditations really does seem to shift layers and the grounding of the magnets give a powerful sensation.  Certain crystals give out different sensations throughout my body. I always leave very light and relaxed."



"I've had a wonderful day today I can really FEEL the effects of the meditation extremely AWARE and sooo serene ahhhhh such a wonderful tool, thank you for introducing me to it!"


"Thanks so much for spending more much needed time with me. I know this has made a big difference and the beginning of some great healing for me."


"I experienced different colours with each crystal almost like beams or shapes and I felt radiant heat in my hand where I held the magnets. It made me unwind and I feel very relaxed."



"I felt an inner deep connection through the relaxation, more profound than usual, like experiencing my higher self, like heavenly realms also connecting."



"I just wanted to send a little 'hello' to you. I hope you are keeping well and busy with your life and work. I am very well and going from strength to strength, as I uncover the 'gold' that you helped me find.  All in all - I feel confident and happy. So thank you very much."


My experience of David’s services is that he is extremely good at what he does, mainly, counselling patients with anxiety related problems. An example of this would be that if I referred a patient to David Frank, do I see that patient again after he has finished counselling them? It is with considerable pleasure that I can report that patients, having seen him, by and large, went out of the system and did not consult again for the same problems. One can only assume that David assisted them with dealing with their problems and becoming more self reliant. This subjective impression was backed up with audit data. 

Doctor Rajan Mohile.  Lit. LV. MOBILE (MB., BS(LON)LRCP., MRCS(ENG)


I came to know Mr. Frank following a review of his book, “Hypnosis & Counselling in the Treatment of Chronic Illness”.  I have been meeting regularly with him and I must say that I am impressed by his person centred counselling approach combined with hypnosis and that I myself have personally benefited from it.  I highly recommend him to anybody who is willing to use his approach to solve emotional difficulties.

Dr. H. S. Kumar MB BS Dip Psych

Member Society Analytical Psychology. London

Member International Association of Analytical Psychology.  Zurich

Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychothesapy/Junglan Analyst

Honorary Professor University of Mysore  India


I would confirm that David Frank has been working for us in Chadwell Medical Centre for approximately one year. He has performed counselling sessions for patients on a one to one basis. He has organised and set up the clinic and has organised feedback and audit himself I can confirm that he has taken his work very conscientiously and that I feel that his work has been enormously helpful to many of our patients. He has been innovative in coming forward with new ideas in ways that we may be able to help our patients.  In addition to this, he has been very aware of the cost implications, and I feel that he has used the time usefully. I would say that we have undoubtedly had an enormous benefit from David working in the surgery and would recommend him as enthusiastic, extremely reliable, able to keep confidential information and very helpful to many of our patients.

Dr Jane Moore. (M.B.,B.S(LON)

Many thanks for your letter of the 12th of May.  I was delighted to see John yesterday, and noted the vast improvement in his mood and general psychological wellbeing.  Quite clearly you have achieved a marvellous rapport with John, and I cannot emphasise enough how marked his improvement has been.

Dr Mike Sims


I have every confidant’s in David’s integrity, competence, responsibility and care and recommend him to you as a bona fide counsellor.

Bernard Mooney PhD
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