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Stonehenge Sunrise
David and Bernard have designed these unique courses exclusive to Frankly Shamanic

These courses can be completed independently and would not have to be repeated when signing on to the Shamanic Practitioner level.

Shamanic Practitioner Frankly Shamanic Melbourne Australia ear rune

Shamanic Practitioner

Recognised by the International institute of Complimentary Therapy (IICT).  The emphasis of this course is on personal experience and highlights that the true nature of spirituality is a unique and individual experience between the person and the universe.

Shamanic Soul Empowerment Wunjo rune Frankly Shamanic
Meet Your Ancestors Kenaz rune

Shamanic Soul-Empowerment

Ask yourself the Question?  How much do I like myself?  Not liking or even hating yourself can hold you back in every area of life from career, emotional well being & happiness, relationships and spiritual development.

Meet Your Ancestors

This 5 week course aims to connect people directly to their ancestors and give them first hand experience of the spirit world to help find guidance and understanding.


Shamanic Plant Journeying Ac rune

Shamanic Plant Journeying

Around the world for thousands of years, shamans have connected to the spirits of plants for healing and protection. They recognised that these spirits were friends, teachers, guardians and much more.

Power Animal Night Raidho rune

Power Animal Night

This workshop is about developing a relationship with your power animal resulting in a feeling of inner strength, wholeness and connection to the spirit world.

Shugendo Shamanism: Advanced Practitioner Frankly Shamanic uruz rune Melbourne Australia

Shugendo Shamanism: Advanced Practitoner

Our new IICT course! Everyone knows about Reiki, developed by Dr Usui. However, Usui was not a Christian. He was in fact a Shugendo practitioner. It seems right to us that Reiki, should now be made whole and reunited with its true, shamanic background. Shugendo is a mountain based spiritual practice, a way of developing inner power.

Introduction to Shamanism Frankly Shamanic Iar rune

Introduction to Shamanism

This course is an introduction to our Shamanic Practitioner level. This includes experiencing connections to spirit guides, ancestors, power animals, deities and angels.​


The Rune Oracle Frankly Shamanic Sowilo rune

The Rune Oracle

The runes are a gift from Odin, to help guide us to find our innate strength, courage and wisdom, so that we can become our full potential, the god within.


White Sage Healing Laguz rune

White Sage Healing

Sage has been used since ancient times for purification of mind, body and spirit.  In our workshop, white sage combined with Mesmer Meditation and shamanic drumming, is used to enhance the mind and transport us to higher spiritual realms bringing peace of nature, invoking calmness, and relieving tension.

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