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Shamanic Soul-Empowerment

Shamanic Soul-Empowerment is about finding your true nature, the soul, developing a harmony between your intellect, emotions, body, soul and the wider universe, resulting in inner strength, tranquillity and a feeling of belonging and oneness with the universe.  This leads to enhanced feelings of; personal power, self-respect, self-esteem, confidence and emotional well being.  We consider this an essential foundation for shamanic practice and spiritual development.

Every shamanic meditation journey that you make moves you closer to your true empowered self, enabling you to experience healing, insight, clarity, protection - whatever it is you need - at the current stage of your life journey.


David and Bernard will attune you via Shamanic Drumming and Vision Quest by journeying into your own soul, which is the source of all your personal power.  In this way you can work with your soul directly even when at home.  


When we develop a relationship with our soul, we gain access to its knowledge, wisdom and connection to the universe that it has accumulated over many lifetimes.  Once this is achieved we slowly alter our sense of individual identity and time, which opens new possibilities for the expansion of our awareness of our true nature and our heart and soul’s connection to the universe.


Our perception of reality is altered as we move towards enlightenment.  We can become more attuned to other levels of consciousness and creation. Ideas of what is and isn’t possible change.  This will vary enormously with each individual.


It is essential to notify us of your attendance at least 48 hours before the start of the course.  Please note the entire workshop must be paid for irrespective of days missed.

Valkyrie riding a horse

Start Date:  Saturday 13th April 2024

Time:  7pm-10pm
Address:  Online via Zoom
Phone:  David Frank - 0478 221 269

Investment: Free!

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