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Meet your Ancestors

“What is the power of the individual against the voice of the whole people in him?” – Carl Jung, Liber Novus


The aim of this workshop is not for us to pass messages to you from your loved ones as a medium would. Instead we help you to connect with them directly so that you can actually experience meeting them for yourself.

Honouring and maintaining a spiritual relationship with ones ancestors is a global concept found in nearly every pre-Christian and indigenous culture in the world. It was believed that the ancestors were always with you, and could help you and guide you through life

In this 5 week course  workshop David & Bernard help you to connect directly with your ancestors so that you can actually experience meeting them for yourself. You will also receive an attunement to your ancestors so that you can interact with them at home.

In the first week we attune you to your guardian angel so that you are protected and guided safely to your ancestors

Benefits of this workshop

• Meet your ancestors directly
• Receive guidance, clarity or healing from your ancestors.
• Experience first-hand connecting to the spirit world
• Learn to build a relationship with your ancestor at home.​​

• Resolve issues that may lead to emotional and spiritual healing


This class runs for 3 hours per week for 5 weeks.

These methods are unique to Frankly Shamanic


Start Date:  TBA

Time: 7pm-10pm
Address: Liefde Wellness Centre, 56 Hartnett drive, Seaford  
Phone:  David Frank on  0478 221 269

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