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White Sage Healing

White Sage Healing Frankly Shamanic

This free workshop is an introduction to our 10 week Shamanic Plant Journeying course.  To find out more about this course click here:  Shamanic Plant Journeying

Sage has been used since ancient times for purification of mind, body and spirit.  The ancient Celtic druids used sage as a sacred herb alongside Oak Moss for burning as well as medicinal purposes.  Sage burning ceremonies are still practiced to this day, in Native American traditions it’s considered to be a bridge to the higher realms.

In our workshop, white sage combined with Mesmer Meditation and shamanic drumming, has the power to enhance the mind and transport us to higher spiritual realms. This potent trio absorbs negativity and enhances the flow of life; giving wisdom, clarity and increasing spiritual awareness, this brings peace of nature, invoking calmness and relieving tension, it’s no accident that we refer to wise people as sagely...


NOTE: Please bring your own White Sage (burning not necessary) and headphones to use this workshop.


Please book early as spaces are limited! To book your place please fill out the booking form below.  Once booked in, you will then be emailed the Zoom link.


It is essential to confirm your attendance at least 24 hours before the start of class

Date:  Saturday 26th August 2023

Time:  7.00 to 10.00pm (Melbourne, Australia time)

Investment: Free!

Venue:  Online via Zoom

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269


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