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Power Animals and the Tree of Life

Power Animals and the Tree of Life Frankly Shamanic Melbourne

Our power animal is a powerful guardian spirit that is a part of our own soul and walks with us on our life's journey. In Pre-Christian Scandinavia this concept of a personal, powerful guardian animal guide was known as a “Fylgja” or “Fetch” which means “follower”. However, the power animal is not just some individual entity that comes and goes, it is an aspect of your own soul.  It is a part of who we are whether we are aware of it or not.  When we are attuned to it and build a relationship with it, can protect us, empower us, provide guidance, and help maintain health and well-being.

In this course David and Bernard will work with you to help facilitate actual profound experiences of connecting to your power animal so it can journey with you to explore the great cosmic axis upon which the physical and spiritual realms of the universe revolve around and are connected to.

Some almost universal ideas seen frequently around the world include the belief that the universe is comprised of three worlds held together by a cosmic tree or mountain. These worlds are usually the upper world inhabited by the gods, the middle world where human beings live and the underworld which is the realm where people go when they die and where power animals are said to live.

The Tree of Life does not only speak of the origins of the physical universe, but also of our place in the universe. Therefore, shamans accompanied and empowered by their power animal, journey the cosmic tree to deepen their connection to the divine energies of the universe and to get healing and gain knowledge

David and Bernard discuss and work with you to facilitate actual profound experiences of:

• Vision quest with power animal to the cosmic tree of life.
• Vision quest and shamanic drumming.
• Tuition on how to connect with your power animal at home.
• Group feedback with question and answer session in a friendly, informal, non-competitive and non-judgmental environment.

The emphasis of this course is on personal experience and highlights that the true nature of spirituality is a unique and individual experience between the person and the universe. Therefore, David and Bernard's workshops are non-competitive and non-judgemental as no two persons' experience can be compared. Thus this workshop is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced practitioners

This course runs for 10 weeks, completion of this module contribute towards attainment of our IICT accredited Shamanic Practitioner course


The total investment is $350.  Payment plans are possible please contact David

To book for this workshop please click the button below and fill out the form.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at: or call us on 0478 221 269. 


Please note the entire course must be paid for irrespective of how many classes are attended.

Start Date:  TBA - (10 weeks)

Time:  7.00pm - 10.00pm

Venue:  Online via Zoom

Investment: -

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269


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