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Shaman on Call

Angels in Your Home!

Unable to get to us?  We come to your house or venue and enable you and a group of your friends to create powerful connections with your angels and guides.  You will receive healing and guidance from your angels as they cleanse and protect your home from negative energy.

Also available in your home:


Crystal Whispering


Crystal Whispering is about connecting with the spirit of the crystal.  Once the connection has been made, the crystal can offer its gifts.  It could be insight into something you need to know, or the gift may be protection, healing, wisdom or something completely unique and individual to you.


Meet your Ancestors

This workshop aims to connect you directly to your ancestors and passed loved ones via shamanic journeying.  Giving you first hand experience of the spirit world and helping you find guidance and understanding.


Power Animal Attunement


The Power Animal is  said by shamans to be a powerful guardian spirit each person is born with and walks beside us on our life’s journey.   It protects us, empowers us, provides guidance and maintains health and well-being.


However the power animals full potential lies dormant, and it can only give us its gifts once we connect to it and become one with it.  Developing this relationship leads to enhanced feelings of personal power, self-respect, self-esteem, confidence, emotional and physical well being.

Sessions are for a minimum of 2hrs and can be done individually or in small groups with up to 12 guests within the time frame.  Ages 18+, hosted in your home or chosen venue, only $320 ($26 pp).  Larger groups are priced at only $30pp.

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