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Drum Spirit Awakening

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Shamanic drumming is becoming very popular as more and more people are becoming aware of its healing and spiritual benefits. However, unfortunately, many people are under the misconception that a person can simply make or buy a drum and then start to beat it. While this will bring some benefits, it is not using the drum and it's spirit to its full potential.

In many shamanic traditions around the world drums often play a huge part, and come in many shapes, styles and sounds. However to shamans, drums are not seen as just inanimate musical instruments, but rather sentient magical instruments that have a spirit of their own that actively work with and help the shaman. In fact in some shamanic communities there is no word for "drum" at all, instead the drum is referred to as a "sacred horse". This is because of the ability the beat of the drum has to carry a shaman's consciousness to the spirit world.


The intention of this one day workshop is to call in and awaken the spirit of your drum, and connect you to it's spirit, so that it can work with you directly as a powerful spiritual ally.

We do this by using a combination of ancient shamanic drumming techniques and 200 year old Mesmer-meditation in a process we call Vision Quest. We have found this is one of the most powerful ways for people to find healing and spiritual growth and fulfilment. These techniques relax the body and quiet the mind easily, enabling your spiritual awareness to rise to the surface. This allows for communication with the Spirit Realms to take place.

In this workshop the drum spirit will be activated and the participant will also receive an attunement to the drum spirit. This then enables the participant to reconnect to the soul of the drum at will. Once a person has been attuned to the drum spirit that drum then belongs to that person and it shouldn’t be given or lent to another.

During this workshop you will:


  • Learn about the way indigenous shamans use drums

  • Receive a drum spirit activation and an attunement to it via shamanic vision quest 


  • Learn to listen, hear and feel the soul of the drum.


  • Take part in drumming  practise wherein you will learn to harmonise, balance and become one with the drum spirit.


 It is essential to notify us of your attendance at least 48 hours before the start of the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please bring your own drum for this workshop! We are unable to provide any. 

A Note on Drums... Purchasing or owning a Native American or Siberian drum is not itself essential for this workshop or shamanic and spiritual work. In shamanic cultures frame drums are most commonly used, but frame drums are also found in many countries and would be absolutely fine to use for this workshop and other shamanic purposes (and can often be purchased at a much lower price).  One example we often recommend is the Irish Bodhran, which Bernard himself uses. They are very similar in design to Siberian shamanic drums, are usually made from strong hardwoods and can be tuned using metal screws on the inside to suit any weather.  Below are some websites we recommend that produce good quality drums.

Date:  Saturday 2nd March 2024

Time:  10am - 5pm

Investment: $150

Venue:  Liefde Wellness Centre, 56 Hartnett Drive, Seaford

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269


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