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Angel Gathering Night!

Only $25!

Frankly Shamanic Angel Gathering Night Melbourne

Everyone has guides and angels. People who connect with them often strengthen the connection that helps you receive their wisdom and guidance.

We are all influenced by our angels, whether we are conscious of it or not.  They may come into our dreams or they can whisper things to us in our waking hours.  People often think that these soft voices are their own thoughts or ideas.

Even though our guides work with us all the time, they can be much more effective if we give them our permission. If you and your angel are working towards the same goal, without conscious communication their ideas of what is best for us can often conflict with our ideas of what we want.  Our angels will always guide us to achieve our life purpose and destiny.  But that becomes more difficult if they can’t adequately communicate with us what that is.

Angels will always want us to work towards achieving our full potential.  This can mean many different things for each of us.  Therefore, it is pointless to compare, compete or judge our spiritual experiences to another person’s. 


Communicating with angels and spirit guides to find guidance, protection, healing and inspiration is a powerful way to advance your spiritual development.

Mesmer-meditation, shamanic drumming, angel cards and crystals can be of great assistance in establishing angelic contact.  David and Bernard combine these techniques in a method that provides a profound connection and communication with these heavenly beings. 

People who have attended our Almost Free Night have often expressed astonishment when they experience receiving a healing from their angel.  The purpose of this night is to connect and communicate with our angels profoundly so that you and your angels are working towards the same goal. In this way your angels can guide you more effectively to achieving your life purpose, destiny and enlightenment.


Date:  Thursday 7th June 2018

Time:  7.00 to 9.30 pm

Venue:  Chelsea Yacht Club, Kelvin Grove, Chelsea, Melbourne, 3196

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269


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