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The Five Stage Plan

Five Stage Plan

At Frankly Shamanic we do not believe in belief or judgement. We only acknowledge personal experiences as meaningful.  We consider that spirituality is not about tradition, beliefs or labels.  For us it is about finding our true nature and developing a harmony between our intellect, emotions, body, soul and the wider universe, resulting in inner strength, tranquility and a feeling of belonging and oneness with the divine. 


For this purpose we have developed a five stage plan as shown below:


1. To enhance students' experience of personal power and self-respect leading to improved self-esteem, confidence and emotional wellbeing, which we consider essential for shamanic practice and spiritual development.


2. To enable people to experience their inner-self i.e. heart, soul and connection to power animal.


3. To enhance students’ psychic abilities so they can more effectively work with spirit guides, deities, angels and the spirit world to overcome personal challenges to achieve ones full potential and life path.


4. To develop shamanic skills for healing, wisdom and guidance from ancestors, deities and guides.


5. We emphasise the importance of the need to continue with self-healing and self-development to work towards personal enlightenment.

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