Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon is the perfect time for meditation it heightens intuition, and brings healing energy of the divine. The light of the Full Moon shines brightly given a wonderful opportunity to heal, uplift your vibration, and align with your inner light. The moon goddess energy guides you to tap into the mystical power enabling you to connect with the ancient magic within you to clear your mind, open your heart, and receive the many blessings of healing, cleansing, and divine light available to you.


David and Bernard from Frankly Shamanic utilise Mesmer meditation and Shamanic drumming.



Mesmer-Meditation is based on the work of Franz Mesmer who was born in 1734 in Switzerland. Mesmer discovered that the balance of “Energy” (chi/prana), which is essential for health, is influenced by heavenly bodies (angels, guides, deities and planets). This energy can be controlled and guided through the person, restoring balance, creating harmony and removing blocks, thus replenishing health. It is more than healing. It concerns re-awakening to the awareness that every living thing has a consciousness and a connection to everything else in the universe.


Shamanic Drumming


Shamanic Drumming is an ancient healing art that has been utilised by shamans across the globes for thousands of years to help heal their people and to gain access to other spiritual realms. It is an effective means of deepening meditation and aiding spiritual growth as it accesses our entire brain simultaneously. This allows our normally hidden unconscious inner wisdom and intuition to flow easily to the forefront of our conscious mind, revealing to us previously unknown insights and understanding.


The result of combining both Shamanic drumming and Mesmer meditation means that no previous experience, knowledge, or ability is needed for this workshop. Even people who have had difficulty meditating with other meditation techniques often find it easy with this method.


Tickets are $35 Per Person

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Date:  TBA

Time:  7.00 to 10.00pm

Venue:  TBA

Phone:  David on 0478 221 269

E-mail:  info@franklyshamanic.com