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Esoteric Self-Hypnosis

Level 2

Effectiveness of Hypnosis


Prerequisite:  Must have completed Esoteric Self-Hypnosis Level 1


“The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.” Carl Jung


Jung’s individuation is defined as: “Self-realization, “coming to selfhood”.  The conscious personality, the birth of the self, means a shift in its psychic centre, and consequently an entirely different attitude toward, and view of, life, in other words, a transformation in the fullest sense of the word.  The Self is often symbolized by a circle or mandala, a glyph which represent completeness.  Individuation is an ongoing endless process and that as it progresses, the chief danger is an inflation of the ego.


One becomes a person, an individual, a totally integrated personality. It is a process of self realization during which one integrates those contents of the psyche that have the ability to become conscious. It is a search for totality. It is an experience that could be formulated as the discovery of the divine in yourself, or the discovery of the totality of your Self". (1) Jung, C. G.


The theme of the course is that self-hypnosis deepens meditation and that Jung’s process of individualisation can be accelerated by combining these techniques.


Osho explains:


“While using hypnosis in the service of meditation, I have noticed that the line between therapy and meditation is dissolving. As witnessing can become easy and natural in hypnosis, it seems to provide the ground for a quantum leap into no-mind” …. (2)


The first day of this workshop will be exploring how self-hypnosis can be used with different meditation techniques that are useful for going into the deepest levels of self. The second day of this workshop will be to look at Jung’s individuation, its process and how self-hypnosis combined with meditation can accelerate this development.




  1. Jung, C. G. (1977). The Soul and Death. In Psychology and the Occult. CW 8 Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. First published in 1934. p. 173


Start Date:  TBA

Duration:  10 weeks
Time: 7.00 pm - 9.30pm
Phone:  David Frank on  0478 221 269

Carl Jung
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