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Crystal Whispering

The Ancient Art of Crystal Whispering


“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and thought we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”  

– Nikola Tesla


The ancient art of Crystal Whispering (crystal ball gazing) is often misunderstood. Firstly, the crystal does not have to be round.  It can be any shape, size or colour.  It is not just about predicting the future.  It is about connecting with the spirit of the crystal.  Once the connection has been made, the crystal can offer its gifts.  The gift will depend on the type of crystal used.  It could be insight into something you need to know, or the gift may be protection, healing, wisdom or something unique and individual between you and the crystal.


Crystal whispering is a way of communication with the consciousness of crystals and is unique to Frankly Shamanic.  Most of us accept that crystals can heal, give protection and can be used in many ways, however it should also be noted that crystals are aware and have their own spirit and personality.





Everything has consciousness and has a connection to everything else in the universe.  People, animals and plants are all connected to the hidden energy of universal consciousness that permeates the entire universe and 'wires' all of us together.  This hidden power is available to those who recognise and accept that there is a higher realm of knowing and communication beyond their own physical bodies.  The universe is full of this unlimited energy that can be tapped by almost anyone who will make the effort to focus and tune themselves to its subtle vibrations.

What Happens in the Class?

For this class no previous knowledge or experience is needed. In the session each person brings in a crystal.  Participants sit in a circle on comfortable chairs while holding their crystal in their hands.  David  and Bernard then guide the group into a deep meditation (no experience of meditation is needed).  During the meditation each person is attuned to the subtle vibration of the crystal and then harmonise the energy of each person with the energy of their crystal.  While this is happening, each person will have a profound experience of connecting to the spirit of their crystal.


After the meditation is over, the group is given the opportunity to discuss their experience and ask  any questions they have. 

NOTE: It is essential to notify us of your attendance at least 24 hours before the start of class

Woman holding a crystal

Date:  TBA

Venue:  Liefde Wellness Centre, 56 Hartnett drive, Seaford
Phone:  0478 221 269


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