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Mesmerism & Hypnosis

Franz Anton Mesmer 1734-1815.  Mesmer is recognised as being the man who discovered the hypnotic state.  Even today, two hundred years later, people are familiar with the term Mesmerised.  He first trained for the priesthood, but then changed his vocation and studied law. Later, at the age of 32 years, he obtained his degree in medicine.  Mesmer combined earlier healing theories with the latest scientific methods of the day.


He claimed that magnetic forces could be harnessed to restore the balance of bodily functions and relieve suffering.  He believed that the balance of “ethereal fluid” (prana/chi), which was essential for health, was influenced by heavenly bodies (angels, deities, planets etc).


Mesmer’s reputation grew throughout Europe for years until he was forced to leave Vienna due to the jealousy from his medical colleagues.  He moved to Paris and commenced a new practice.  His fame grew rapidly. Patients travelled from every part of Europe to attend his clinic.  The consequence of this was that the medical profession became very hostile towards him. As a result, in 1784, King Louis XVI appointed a commission to investigate mesmerism. The commission failed to discover any concrete evidence of animal magnetism or of the invisible fluid. Consequently Mesmer was struck off the medical register and the practice of animal magnetism was made illegal.


David defines Mesmerism as: "A state of conscious awareness of the effects of universal energies and universal ecosystem on our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing."


Eventually the medical profession resumed the use of Mesmerism and changed the name to Hypnosis. They also gradually removed all spirituality from it and in David’s opinion left a rather cold clinical substitute. This can be seen when we look at a modern day definition of hypnosis from Wikipedia:


“Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterised by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.”


David agrees with Mesmer and utilises universal energies in his healings. For this reason he considers himself a Mesmerist rather than a hypnotist.


Client Centered Counselling


The importance of this method of counselling is in recognising that the client, as opposed to the therapist, is the true expert within their own life, and that given the opportunity, will eventually resolve their own problems. Dr Carl Rogers pioneered this approach which is non-directive and non-judgmental, creating a permissive, non-authoritarian setting in which the client is free to proceed at her or his own speed and direction to allow them to find solutions to problems for themselves.


Twin Flame Counselling


Wholeness or Individualisation is the Quest of the Soul.  As our soul seeks its own spiritual path and purpose, we eventually experience a feeling of totality as we discover our divinity within.


On our spiritual quest, there will ultimately be the meeting of the yin and yang of the Soul – the meeting of the Twin Flames.


The Anima (yin) is the feminine soul or feminine energy in every man, and the Animus is the inner masculinity (yang) in every woman.  Our negative attitudes to the opposite sex, created by our feelings towards our parents, partners, etc can cause a “Pandora’s Box” with all our unresolved issues to the opposite gender creating imbalance.  As we reincarnate, this imbalance causes the soul to split in half and became two distinct forms, one carrying the masculine (yang) and the other the feminine (yin); one soul in two bodies.


The Twin Flame union is not about romance in the normal sense, although there are intense feelings of love.  It is a spiritual quest and experience that can takes us through what feels like hell. The purpose ultimately is to reunite the two halves of the soul.  The three conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence are essential, for without these in place the relationship could be devastating.




My experience of David’s services is that he is extremely good at what he does, mainly, counselling patients with anxiety related problems. An example of this would be that if I referred a patient to David Frank, do I see that patient again after he has finished counselling them? It is with considerable pleasure that I can report that patients, having seen him, by and large, went out of the system and did not consult again for the same problems. One can only assume that David assisted them with dealing with their problems and becoming more self reliant. This subjective impression was backed up with audit data. 

Doctor Rajan Mohile.  Lit. LV. MOBILE (MB., BS(LON)LRCP., MRCS(ENG)


I came to know Mr. Frank following a review of his book, “Hypnosis & Counselling in the Treatment of Chronic Illness”.  I have been meeting regularly with him and I must say that I am impressed by his person centred counselling approach combined with hypnosis and that I myself have personally benefited from it.  I highly recommend him to anybody who is willing to use his approach to solve emotional difficulties.

Dr. H. S. Kumar MB BS Dip Psych

Member Society Analytical Psychology. London

Member International Association of Analytical Psychology.  Zurich

Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychothesapy/Junglan Analyst

Honorary Professor University of Mysore  India


I would confirm that David Franks has been working for us in Chadwell Medical Centre for approximately one year. He has performed counselling sessions for patients on a one to one basis. He has organised and set up the clinic and has organised feedback and audit himself I can confirm that he has taken his work very conscientiously and that I feel that his work has been enormously helpful to many of our patients. He has been innovative in coming forward with new ideas in ways that we may be able to help our patients.  In addition to this, he has been very aware of the cost implications, and I feel that he has used the time usefully. I would say that we have undoubtedly had an enormous benefit from David working in the surgery and would recommend him as enthusiastic, extremely reliable, able to keep confidential information and very helpful to many of our patients.

Dr Jane Moore. (M.B.,B.S(LON)

Many thanks for your letter of the 12th of May.  I was delighted to see John yesterday, and noted the vast improvement in his mood and general psychological wellbeing.  Quite clearly you have achieved a marvellous rapport with John, and I cannot emphasise enough how marked his improvement has been.

Dr Mike Sims


I have every confidant’s in David’s integrity, competence, responsibility and care and recommend him to you as a bona fide counsellor.

Bernard Mooney PhD
Person Centred Counselling
Twin Flame Counselling

David Frank

David Is a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist with a B.A. (Hons) degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy.  David has been working as a freelance therapist for many years.   As well as working as a counsellor for a number of different General Practitioners Surgeries (UK). He has also taught a number of courses in Counselling for Further Education Colleges. David has also run many workshops including Self-Hypnosis and co-author of international published book, “Hypnosis & Counselling in the Treatment of Cancer.”

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