Bernard Frank

From a young age Bernard has been interested in mythology, spirituality and health; but these subjects became much more than just passing interests when he himself was diagnosed with epilepsy at  age 14.


This diagnosis initiated him onto his own journey to find self-healing, eventually leading him to discovering shamanism.  Bernard decided he wanted to  learn more and went  on to study for his Diploma in Shamanic Practice for 2 years, which he achieved in 2011. 


Since then, Bernard has been practicing as a shamanic healing practioner. Still continuing to build upon his body of work, Bernard has gone on to study and integrate a variety of other subjects, philosophies and ideas into his practice too, such as Norse Shamanism, Runes, Tarot and Meditation.


To find out more about Bernard's approach to Shamanic healing see his Shamanic Healing page here!


Bernard Frank Shamanic Healer Melbourne