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Archangels Ladder to Ascension

11 Week Course

Frannkly Shamanic Archangel Ascension Melbourne

This 11 week course is only for people who are serious about their spiritual enlightenment and self empowerment.  During these workshops a powerful connection is made with the archangels, which should only be done by those who are willing to make a commitment to the archangels of time and effort, as the Archangels don’t like it when people trivialize their path.


Due to the nature of this course it is limited to 10 people.  Obviously we are not saying that at the end of 11 weeks that you will be enlightened. This course is very much the start of the journey.


Each week David and Bernard will attune you via Mesmer-meditation, shamanic journeying and drumming to an archangel. In this way you can work with the angel directly even when at home.  This course is about you meeting and connecting to the angels personally. In this way you develop your own relationship with the Archangels.


When we develop a relationship with an Archangel, we gain access to angelic realms, their knowledge and wisdom. Once this is achieved we slowly alter our sense of individual identity and time, which opens new possibilities for the expansion of our awareness of our true nature and our heart and soul’s connection to the universe.


Our perception of reality can be altered as we move towards enlightenment.  We can become more attuned to other levels of consciousness and creation. Ideas of what is and isn’t possible change.  This will vary enormously with each individual. Some people will experience an increase in their psychic or healing abilities.  Others become sensitive to messages given by nature. Others become aware of hidden mystical meanings in otherwise mundane events.  Therefore we should never compare our experiences to another person or try to compete with another.


We recommend that people who are interested in doing this course do not study literature on the archangels in advance as this will give preconceived ideas that can hinder the connection with the angels.

Start Date:  TBA

Duration:  11 weeks
Phone:  David Frank on  0478 221 269

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