Angel Healing

Heavenly bodies such as Angels, Buddhas and Ascended Masters have limitless healing capabilities. All we need do is ask and give our permission to enable them to assist us. They can help with every issue, situation, physical and emotional suffering.


Angel Healing is a way of restoring balance, creating harmony and removing blocks, thus restoring health.  This is done in a way that is affordable to everyone.


David and Bernard with the aid of your angels, blends and guides universal, crystal and magnetic energy into the human energy field.  Blocks are removed, balance is restored and healing occurs at every level of self; spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  This method is done in meditation and is highly beneficial even when there are no physical problems manifesting.


Angel Healing is run in groups.  This makes it affordable for all.  No previous knowledge or experience is needed.  In the session, participants sit in a circle in comfortable chairs and are then guided into a deep meditation (no experience of meditation is needed).  During the meditation David invokes each person's healing angels.  The angels then guide universal healing energies to the area that will give the participant the most beneficial outcome.  While David is doing this, each person will have a profound experience of connecting to their angels


After the meditation is over the group is given the opportunity to discuss their experience and ask any questions they have.  This process takes approximately 2 hours. 

Start Date:  Monday 28th August 2017 
Time:  7.00 pm - 9.30pm
Address:  Chelsea Yacht Club, Kelvin Grove, Melbourne
Phone:  David Frank on  0478 221 269

David Frank

David Is a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist with a B.A. (Hons) degree in Humanistic Psychotherapy.  David has been working as a freelance therapist for many years.   As well as working as a counsellor for a number of different General Practitioners Surgeries (UK).


He has also taught a number of courses in Counselling for Further Education Colleges. David has also run many workshops including Self-Hypnosis and co-author of international published book, “Hypnosis & Counselling in the Treatment of Cancer.”

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Bernard Frank


Bernard Frank is a certified Shamanic healing practitioner with a Diploma in Shamanic Practice.  Bernard has also integrated a variety of other subjects and philosophies into his practice too, such as Northern European Shamanism, Runes, Tarot and Meditation


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